Our Simple Add-Ons are small applications to extend your ArchiCAD’s core functionality.


The easiest way to show the zone name/number in a section window.

  • Creates labels about the Zone name/number in a
    section window.

  • Allows different settings for zone no. and names, like text
    color and appearance.

  • The rest of the label setting coming from ArchiCAD label
    default setting.

  • OS: Windows, MAC OSX 10.4 or higher.

Create labels for zones:

1. Start the Zone Name add-on.

2. Set the labels properties.

Check the "Auto create / update zone labels" option

to create or update automatically the labels when

new zone or section view was created or modified.

The labels will be created based on your input!


You can find the Zone Name Simple Add-On under the Document menu:

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