Improve your Productivity!

The easiest way to create a simple polyline and a label
showing the travel distance.

  • Creates polylines and labels to show the travel distance
    for emergancy case.
  • Recalculate automatically the travel distance when the
    plolyline shape is modified.
  • Set the height of the segmenst of the travel distance line
    in case of stairs.
  • Set the connected travel distance length ie. in case
    of building with multiple floors.
  • Using ArchiCAD® polyline and text elements.

  • OS: Windows, MAC OSX 10.4 or higher.

Create polylines and labels to show the travel distance

1. Start the Travel distance add-on.

2. Set the label properties.

3. Set the polyline properties.

4. Set the connected travel distnce.

The labels will be created based on your input automatically!


You can find the Zone Name Simple Add-On under the Document menu:

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